Saturday, February 4, 2023

Ransack by Justin Todd

Good day.

From the rulebook:

Ransack is a fantasy adventure game to be played at a table with friends & family, requiring one participant to act as Judge & at least one other participant to act as a Player. Players control their characters, making decisions for & describing how that character acts, while the Judge presents the game world, interprets the rules, and controls all non-player characters.
Judges must challenge player wits & wiles without being their enemy, offering a world where characters may prove to be heroes.

Find the latest Ransack Playtest Rules or use the link in the right side bar.

There is also a Discord widget leading to the Ransack Discord where I discuss the rules & run games.

Ransack is my primary focus for the foreseeable future. The plan is to spend 2.5 years to complete a primary draft of the rules which will be split across 2 books totalling at least 300 pages. The 1st book is the primary rules for playing and running the game, which players may read at their discretion. The 2nd book will contain tools for the Judge, such as treasure, monsters, and methods for generating dungeons and wilderness areas. This 2nd book is not yet publicly available. The target date for completion of the primary drafts is June 2024.

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