Monday, January 17, 2022

[Theory] Experience Bonus Relevancy

How often is bonus experience relevant to a campaign? Below we compare two fighters, identical except for an XP Bonus. A relevant session is one in which the fighter with bonus XP is a level ahead of the other. XP values follow an old-school trend of doubling each level, until leveling off at higher character levels.

Slow Leveling

Bonus XP Relevancy % Relevant Sessions
5% 9.10% 7 of 77
10% 17.50% 13 of 75
20% 33.30% 24 of 72

Medium Leveling

Bonus XP Relevancy % Relevant Sessions
5% 8.90% 4 of 41
10% 17.40% 7 of 40
20% 32.80% 12 of 38

Fast Leveling

Bonus XP Relevancy % Relevant Sessions
5% 8.70% 2 of 22
10% 16.80% 4 of 21
20% 31.50% 6 of 20

Very Fast Leveling

Bonus XP Relevancy % Relevant Sessions
5% 8.30% 1 of 12
10% 16.10% 2 of 12
20% 30.30% 4 of 12

View a pastebin of the source code here if you wish to know how these results were generated.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

[News] Introducing Ransack Games

In the interest of making a huge mistake I am establishing the Ransack Games brand & creating this blog to discuss two rulesets: Ransack & Bravery. On the right-hand bar you will find two important features. First, a link to the Ransack Playtest Rules which are inspired by & derived from the oldest tabletop games. Second, a link to the Ransack Games Discord where I discuss the rules & occasionally run games. Ransack will be my primary focus for the foreseeable future, but I hope to return some day to the significantly more complex Bravery ruleset which targets experienced players. While I have a number of posts in a variety of formats in the works, I do not expect to be able to post very often. For the moment I hope to post at least once a month with a particular focus on the design decisions of Ransack.